FRANKFORT, Ky. – Kentucky Conservation Officer Jerrod Alley of Monticello has been selected as the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators’ Southern Region Boating Officer of the Year.

Alley, a six-year veteran of the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, was selected by the Southern States Boating Law Administrators Association. Alley’s jurisdiction includes Lake Cumberland.

“Officer Alley is a role model who exemplifies service to the public,” said Maj. Paul Teague, acting law enforcement division director for Kentucky Fish and Wildlife. “He helps keep Kentucky’s waterways safer.”

Alley has participated in or organized various boating safety events in his community; personally responded to 14 boater-assist requests including missing boater calls; participated in the strengthening of partnerships in his area and cited 106 violations under the boating safety grant.

Most notably, Alley has been key in responding to several life-threatening calls. These include rescuing two people from the water after responding to an overturned vessel call, as well as rescuing five people from the shoreline and water after that vessel had sunk. On a separate occasion, he rescued two adults and two children from a sinking vessel after responding to a stranded vessel call.   

The Boating Officer of the Year Award symbolizes the highest level of achievement among boating law enforcement officers in the United States, according to National Association of State Boating Law Administrators. The selection process for this award began in March, with each state’s boating law administrator soliciting nominations for the state-level boating law enforcement officer of the year. Each officer selected received consideration for a regional title. Three regional winners are considered for national officer of the year.

The national officer of the year will be named Sept. 12, during the group’s annual conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. For more information on the Boating Officer of the Year Award, please visit

Officer Jeremy McQueary        Officer Brian Gibson

Kentucky Conservation Officers Bravery Award Recipients

Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Commissioner Jon Gassett and Acting Director of Law Enforcement Division Major Paul Teague presented the Kentucky Conservation Officers Bravery Award to officers  Jeremy McQueary and Brian Gibson December2, at the Salato WildlifeEducation Center.

The Kentucky Conservation Officers Bravery Award may be bestowed on officers of this agency who perform extraordinary acts of bravery in the line of duty by the commissioner and director of law enforcement after determination by an awards board that:

• The officer acted voluntarily, without regard for personal risk of life or limb.

• Said action was undertaken at a moment of clear and obvious peril.

• Said action was clearly above and beyond the call or risk of ordinary duty.

• Said action was performed during great mental and physical strain and anguish.


On May 2 this year, McQueary and Gibson navigated the dangerous and raging flood waters of the Upper East Fork of Little Barren River and completed a four hour- long rescue of an elderly woman after flood waters came into her home and threatened her life.

The KCOA would like to congratulate the following KY Conservation Officers for their state Officer of the Year selections:

Sgt Rick Mehlbauer
2010 KY Officer of the Year

Officer Jarad Northern
2010 KY Shikar Safari Officer of the Year

Officer Jerrod Alley
2010 KY Boating Officer of the Year

Congratulations to each of the district nominees and thank you for your hard work and dedication to duty!

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